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--Rita Mae Brown

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Central Library Renewed 

In 1965, the citizens of Tulsa showed up en masse for the opening of the beautiful, state of the art Central Library in downtown Tulsa. Since then, it has been the place where kids grew up and discovered their love of reading, where groups met for school projects and lively discussions, where authors spoke to captivated audiences, and where those pursuing their education or employment sought resources to help them reach their goals. Central has been closed for some time now to undergo much needed updates and renovations and the progress on the construction process is moving swiftly! The reopening of Central will mean the same access to hundreds of thousands of book titles, computer access, and helpful library staff, but also STEM activities, a media lab, multi-purpose meeting rooms, a garden, the learning and creativity center, and a coffee shop! Books and coffee go together like peas and carrots, like Forrest and Jenny. TCCL teamed up with Starbucks and there will be an indoor and patio seating area for visitors. 

For more information on Central Library Renewed, please visit TCCL or call 918-398-6681. If you are interested in supporting the campaign, please call or email 918-398-6681 or


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