About Us

What is the Tulsa Library Trust?

The mission of the Tulsa Library Trust is to increase the Tulsa City-County Library’s capacity to provide the highest quality programs and services to citizens for lifelong learning.

How does the Trust work?

In 1972 the Tulsa Library Trust was formed as a nonprofit organization to receive and administer donations for services and programs beyond the funding capabilities of the Tulsa City-County Library’s annual operating budget. Without the support of the Tulsa Library Trust, the library could not offer these valuable programs and services:

How are the Tulsa City-County Library funds distributed?

The library’s operating budget pays for maintenance, utilities, staffing and thousands of new books each year. However, the budget does not cover replacement of many worn-out and heavily used books, specialized collections, author programs and special services, such as the children’s summer reading program and adult literacy tutoring. Residents of Tulsa County depend on the library for these services:

Board Members 2024

The Tulsa Library Trust board is comprised of a talented, dedicated, resourceful, and generous group of Tulsa leaders.

Want to help?

The Tulsa Library Trust depends on financial gifts to pay for valuable programs today and build the endowment fund for the future. With your financial support we can make a difference.

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