Thank you to our outstanding donors who share in our belief that Libraries Change Lives and that the important programs funded by Tulsa Library Trust are critical to our community. In 2021, the following individuals, foundations, and corporations kindly and generously support the efforts of Tulsa Library Trust at $250 and above.

Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

Waters Charitable Foundation

Ramez and Katrine Hakim

James and Cathryn Moore Foundation

Hardesty Family Foundation

Krueger Charitable Foundation

Joseph Braverman Donor Fund

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Foundation

Phillip and Miranda Kaiser

Peggy V. Helmerich

Nancy Mason

Clayton and Pat Woodrum

Bernard and Marcy Robinowitz

Kevin and Annette Murray

Russell Harbaugh, Jr.

William and Donna Farrior

Bradley Cooper

Kevin Vann/WPX

William and Julie Watson

Susan Savage

Martin L.J. Newman

Steven and Malisa Nell

Robert J. LaFortune

Isaac Ellis

The Williams Companies

Susan E. Starr

Paul Johnson

Felicia Stark

Brianna Ghosn

Kay Floyd

David and Donna Dutton

Charles and Dana Creekmore

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The Tulsa Library Trust depends on financial gifts to pay for valuable programs today and build the endowment fund for the future. With your financial support we can make a difference.

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